Worldwide Usage of ADS – sequel

In yesterday’s entry I discussed the worldwide usage of ADS and showed the usage for a number of countries and regions as compared to the total amount of world usage. Another interesting way to look at usage is to consider “intrinsic growth”, which is a better measure of the rate of growth. How has a country’s or region’s usage developed as compared to its level in a given year. In the figure below, the usage has been normalized by its value in 1997. This normalized usage is compared with the normalized GDP per capita.

This figure shows ADS usage, normalized by its 1997 value, for various countries and regions, as a function of normalized GPC

The figure shows that all regions display an intrinsic growth (with respect to their 1997 values). The overall trend is that the intrinsic
growth in the EU and USA is slower than in the other regions, which is to be expected for regions where the density of Internet users changes relatively little (because of the wide initial penetration of Internet connectivity – see earlier post “Internet Availability”).


~ by anopisthographs on June 23, 2010.

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